In Healdsburg, California the city hall underwent a renovation to expand the building and create space for the community development center. The 13,300sf building was a holistic renovation, re-defining building space and selecting an all-electric, net zero ready system with a dedicated outdoor air system, reducing operating costs and creating a more flexible space.

To achieve energy efficiency, the designs included a complete overhaul of the HVAC and lighting systems. New dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) units were used to provide premium air quality and connected directly to variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat recovery systems.

  • Architect: Gelfand Partners
  • Developer: City of Healdsburg
  • Location: Healdsburg, CA
  • Project: Renovation and Expansion
  • Size: 13,300 sq.ft.
  • Target: Energy efficiency
  • Systems: All-electric, net zero ready system
  • Dedicated outdoor air system (VRF DOAS) with Variable refrigerant flow heat recovery, LED lighting systems
  • Completion: 2018

Neil Bulger provided mechanical energy efficient design services and energy modeling for this project while working at Integral Group and collaborating with Gelfand Partners and the City of Healdsburg.