Corporate Campus:  

This new million sf campus was designed to deliver state of the art workspace environments, while also focusing on the target budget for the whole project. The design included a complex HVAC system, providing in-slab radiant heating and cooling and dedicated outdoor air for supplemental cooling and dehumidification.


The team created a detailed analysis of the mechanical system to properly size the zone, floor, building, and campus systems. The load calculations were developed for detailed zones to account for radiant-slab configurations and solar gains and determine the necessary supplemental cooling required.

The detailed load calculations allowed for design tradeoffs of façade shading and glazing with air handler unit and shaft sizes in each building and the size of the shared central plant.



  • Client & Owner: Confidential
  • Location: South Bay Area, CA
  • Type: Corporate Campus
  • New construction, 1 million sq.ft.

Project Services:

  • Annual Energy Modeling
  • Façade Analysis
  • Mechanical system sizing
  • Load calculations for radiant-slab, solar gains, supplemental cooling