Energy Modeling

With projects moving toward Zero Net Energy (ZNE) buildings and beyond, building energy modeling or performance modeling has become an inseparable part of the design and construction industry.

Today’s buildings and systems design often require several different types of simulation tools and models, from thermal comfort models to daylighting, fa├žade design, compliance and performance. The growing challenge in energy modeling is to move beyond Comparative Energy Modeling to Performance Energy Modeling. While there are high powered software tools with built-in default assumptions, a performance gap in energy modeling can occur between assumptions and the experience in knowing how buildings truly function.

Our goal is to provide practical expertise to help simplify an area and focus on implementing the right tool at the right time.

We combine simulated design capabilities with experience informed by past projects, measured data and innovative ideas to give our clients a holistic service. Using simulated modeling, we go back to the basics, focusing on illustrative options, while always asking how a design might provide real value to the people experiencing the environment. We recognize the importance of being first and foremost people and collaborators with our clients, not just running thousands of models. When we can, we share stories and lessons from our work in practicing what we preach and measuring what we build.

In many U. S. states, building simulation tools are already the norm for meeting Energy Regulations and becoming more popular as codes and standards aim towards specific carbon emission targets.

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Energy Modeling Services

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