Energy Utility Consulting

We focus on translating and implementing great ideas into mainstream market ready programs to create meaningful, systemic customer offerings and change.

We work with energy utilities on innovative customer engagement programs and energy efficiency standards for the built environment. With over 20 years of collective experience working with utilities and their customers, we’ve helped achieve savings of tens of millions of kWh/yr and hundreds of thousands of therms/yr.

Our work as building practitioners and energy efficiency experts on new and existing buildings, implementing zero net energy and advanced HVAC systems, give us a valuable perspective. It also provides us with the ability to connect utilities and regulators with building owners, designers and builders to help identify cost effective strategies to keep buildings simple and functional.

In building design, there are dozens of good ideas for energy efficiency, however, it is good implementation that is rare.

Our experience includes utility program management and technical advisory services.

Please contact us to discuss your project.

Energy Utility Services

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