Project Summary

DPR is renovating an office building in Santa Clara, CA. The existing building is anticipated to be fully renovated; the southern portion of the building will be demolished to allow for a new high-bay fabrication space. The site will be reconfigured to meet accessibility compliance and stormwater management to meet codes and regulations. In addition, the building will be net zero energy, utilizing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity and using battery storage to power the building when the PV generation is not available. The building is designed to be all-electric and will use an air-source heat recovery heat pump to provide heating and cooling to the variable air volume with reheat HVAC system.

Red Car commissioned the following systems: HVAC, Controls, Domestic Hot Water, Lighting, Irrigation, Solar Photovoltaic, Enclosure, Electrical Metering, and Electrical Systems.

The Project

Services Provided