The Project

Services Provided

Project Summary

Construction Phase: Cx Commissioning

The two-story public library was designed to achieve LEED Gold Certification and Zero Net Energy (ZNE) using onsite solar PV. The building utilizes a decoupled ventilation and space conditioning system, Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS), and in-slab radiant served by a custom heat pump and LED lighting with daylighting controls. Michele Sagehorn began commissioning work for this project while at Guttmann and Blaevoet and completed the job in 2018 with Red Car Analytics.

Red Car Analytics provided LEED fundamental and enhanced commissioning and Title 24 commissioning during the construction phase of the new public library building. The systems commissioned included: HVAC, interior lighting and controls, domestic hot water, irrigation controls, building automation system, and solar PV.

Post Occupancy: Zero Net Energy Services

In 2021, the City of City of Half Moon Bay (HMB) contracted with Red Car Analytics to provide building operations support for achieving Zero Net Energy (ZNE). Over a twelve (12) month period, the two teams worked together and did, in fact, achieve this objective.

For HMB, the Red Car Analytics team developed an operational gap analysis to assess the current building performance issues and identify the differences between the construction phase/design intent and the current state of operations. HMB and Red Car Analytics analyzed the building trend data through a coordinated effort, reviewing occupant experience and prioritizing the needs and steps for improvements.

The Red Car Analytics ZNE service is designed to help a facility achieve its Zero Net Energy (ZNE) goals by providing the building facility and engineering team support and training for optimizing energy use and tracking building performance and operations. Working with the building’s team, Red Car Analytics reviews the equipment and the building systems’ interconnections and creates a process for how to look at the data and understand what action to take. A building with a building management system (BMS) may need to be set up to make the energy data more accessible and understandable. By helping a facility and engineering team make sense of their energy productivity, a team can be proactive and prevent performance drift and maintain ZNE.