Project Summary

Red Car Analytics provided a detailed report of commercial building energy modeling packages to New Buildings Institute (NBI) as part of their GridOptimal initiative. The report evaluated the potential for a limited selection of building design and operational strategies to modify building load shapes and enhance energy flexibility in commercial buildings. This analysis was intended to inform broader conversations and to form the basis for further research.

This report produced a broad set of information about how building energy efficiency and controls strategies can be used to impact peak demand and demand shape. The key findings indicate that significant adjustments to building load shape are possible to support grid integration and that load modification and energy flexibility measures may be best applied in packages.

Red Car Analytics developed a detailed energy model of a 3 story office building, packages of building HVAC systems, and detailed energy efficiency and demand response measures. Measures were batch simulated using OpenStudio Parametric Analysis Tool (built on EnergyPlus) with results combined and processed in Tableau. Over 300 runs were simulated with 15 minute data generated for each run to evaluate grid-level time steps of power use.

The Project

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