We are excited to announce our new company to the world, Red Car Analytics! We are a team of passionate building performance engineers and consultants who believe the built environment can design better, build better, and operate better. With a focus on great people, forward thinking methods, and a bit of data analytics, we can help push our industry to be better.

Red Car Analytics is founded by three partners who have worked together for years and bring together consulting services of energy modeling and building science, advanced HVAC systems and analytics, and system commissioning into startup and operations. We see our services as the bookends to high performance buildings. On a train the bookend cars were often painted red, with the engine pulling up front and the caboose supporting in the back. We are the red cars of our industry and are excited to start this journey with our wonderful friends, family, and colleagues.

Cheers to this new adventure and we look forward to making progress towards decarbonizing the built environment, working hard, and having fun in the process.