We are at six months into our company and I can honestly say what a fantastic idea this was. No day is without its challenges, however the opportunity to directly support our clients and do great work makes it all worthwhile.

In our consulting practice we are focused on providing high performance building solutions and strategies informed by building operations, measured data, and experience in design and construction integration. Most buildings are built and operated by different parties with little interaction and feedback between one another. Lessons learned move slowly in buildings, and those who are ultimately paying the energy costs are the ones who suffer the most. The art of our success comes from being strong listeners and translators between groups, while sharing the lessons learned across many projects.

The world of commercial building construction feels as if it is fractured in roles and responsibilities. Fewer people are actually part of a building from start to finish, and quality can get lost easily by the speed of development. With more technology being put into buildings, there is an even greater risk of poor operations and energy inefficiency as each system component increases in complexity. All the while our planet needs to find ways to radically reduce building carbon emissions and use resources more intentionally. I could spend all my days wishing engineers would care more about a building’s operations or hoping contractors would take the time to see why a building system was selected, or I can be a bridge between these worlds.

We call the work we do building performance engineering. Our company introduces a new type of building system’s engineer, focused on the integration and understanding of the bones of passive design and elegant architecture, combined with using 21st century low energy systems.

A building is a living machine. The people who work in the building everyday and those who are paid to keep it running all have roles to play. We work to understand what systems are simple, low energy, intuitive, highly comfortable, and healthy. We work closely with owners and designers, providing strategies and ideas backed by engineering analysis of energy, comfort, and capacity. Ideas are built on a knowledge bank of measured results and a strong feedback loop of operational performance.

At Red Car Analytics, we can be your building support team. We are technical specialists, not only effective planners, but also advisers for when something sounds too good to be true. We love to learn new things, share in our findings, and connect passionate people.

Our company name takes its meaning from the railroad, a system that played a most important part in changing the lives of people around the world. At the turn of the 19th century the Red car of a railroad train carried the tools and supplies needed for maintenance and repair on-the-go. In a matter of 30 years railroad lines were built across the U.S. forming the backbone of opportunity into the 20th century. With the numerous challenges of building this network of transportation, the Red car played a crucial role in keeping the advancement of progress “on track”.

Today’s owners desire higher levels of efficiency and success from their buildings, but often struggle to achieve it. Our name and vision are built on being the strong support for building owners, designers, and the construction community. We are the support to make buildings work. We are the Red Car.